Tracking Benefits

Fleet & Commercial Management

Know exactly where all your vehicles are at all times.  Prevent theft and loss by keeping track of your employees and your merchandise.

Dealer & Finance Recovery

Manage high credit risk customers easily. Alert drivers when they are delinquent, disable vehicles when delinquencies exceed a “grace period,” re-activate vehicles after payment has been made, or locate a vehicle for recovery.

Whether looking for a lost vehicle or a loved one,  use your smartphone, tablet, or PC to locate them in seconds.

Personal Vehicle Tracking

Property Tracking

Keep track of your luggage.  Though airlines may lose your bags, you can rest easy knowing that you can track down your belongings at any time and from any place.

People Tracking

Is your spouse cheating on you?  Does your teenager have a hard time coming home before curfew?  Track your loved-ones whereabouts and stay in control of the situation.