How do Pinpoint devices work?

A Pinpoint device is installed in or on the subject (vehicle, person, luggage, package, pet, etc.) and is powered by a lithium or 12-volt battery. The device contains internal antennas that communicate with satellites and radio towers to transmit location data. The data is then decoded by the Pinpoint web platform, which can be displayed on a variety of computer and mobile devices.


What is the Pinpoint coverage area?

Pinpoint covers the US, Canada, Mexico, and Puerto Rico wherever the GSM network is available.


How accurate is the Pinpoint system?

Our system and devices  provides location information within 5 feet of the subject being searched for.


How can I buy Pinpoint devices?

CALL US NOW AT (213) 290-0501 to activate your Pinpoint Device TODAY.


How much do Pinpoint devices cost?

The prices of each device varies.  See the "Devices"' page to find the right product for you. CALL US for NO CONTRACT competitive quotes today!!!


What is a “geofence” alert?

A geofence is a pre-designated geographic area that will alert you when a vehicle with a tracking device enters or leaves the designated zone. The area can be as tiny as a garage, or as big as a country.


Can a vehicle be “stopped” while driving on the highway?

Our technology supports the disabling of the car’s starter. This will not stop the vehicle while travelling, but it will prevent the car from being started the next time someone attempts to restart it.


How is my data/information protected and safeguarded?

With Pinpoint, your data is protected by encryption. Because our devices use the GSM network, we follow the same industry standards as your mobile phone provider.


What is GSM and why is it important?

GSM is the most popular network for mobile phones and wireless devices in the world. It is estimated that 80% of the global mobile market uses GSM across more than 212 countries.